Seven Facts About Sydney Property Valuations That Will Blow Your Mind.

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This is the same for properties in incidentally the same ratio you have key suburbs in Sydney that have gone up literally you know a multiple of ten  times over the last years which is incredible so so the key thing is beyond that there’s other reports showing that  not only is property prices going you know record the high in noble the Sydney mainly because of population growth and mainly because of the extreme fragmentation of Sydney Melbourne.

I mean there are key suburbs and areas where people just want to live and there are  areas of people want to avoid another really interesting study has come out from cone ferry salary forecast predicted Australians will have the lowest real wage growth of countries surveyed with an increase of just .% per year wages in Australia forecasted to grow by.

percent which is an increase of .% in real wages when adjusted for inflation so  points and percent but when you adjust for inflation it’s just .% P Australia will see a . percent growth top line growth a . percent inflation rate which is still low and we are very low  at currently I mean inflation should be around . percent and . percent real wage increases in New Zealand they’re looking at . percent salary increase with forecasts of.

percent inflation % real sorry increases some basically you have a situation in Melbourne where the top suburbs are growing at % per year inflation.percent but wages are only growing at above situation in Melbourne inflation do you see the disparity between wage growth and housing growth  so what’s happening is getting harder and have every year to get into the property market because of serviceability issues though the last property cycle was finished off by high interest rates up to you know percent.

This time around there was an  interest rate to finish off the property cycle it was a prior intervening with the banking system and and making credit policies when credit scoring a lot tied up and that it could decrease the amount of money that investors can borrow and lower the LV ours so money definitely makes or breaks the market without question but beyond money there’s obviously the biggest growth factor which is population growth so another study that’s very interesting showed the most in-demand suburbs and houses in Victoria – targets.

I’m  giving you really good hints here of areas that you can target and if you want to make maximum capital growth from the next years number one was Warrandyte followed by Hawthorn elf them Essendon then some kill defeats were North Richmond Abbotsford South Melbourne Hawthorn East  the worid that is still pretty affordable same with elfin you know some kill has always been expensive I mean Hawkins one of the most expensive suburbs in novel abathur has always been very expensive but there are still bargains in the eastern suburbs to get properties and this is the most  in-demand suburbs for Victoria in terms of townhouses.